ABout me

My lifelong passion of psychology and mental health has led me to explore both research and clinical perspectives. I have studied psychology as an undergraduate and clinical social work for masters at Washington University in St Louis, USA. After working as a therapist, I completed my PhD in cognitive psychology. My eagerness to learn and partake in research on the mechanisms of the human mind and behavior has driven me to pursue a PhD in cognitive psychology and my aspiration to help empower and connect with others has lead me to apply myself in social work and mental health fields.

My masters and post-masters until my PhD included extensive clinical work. During my masters, I interned as a therapist working mostly with children and adolescents and running adult groups occasionally. The following years, living in Istanbul, Turkey, I worked as a therapist but also ventured out to take on other roles. I worked as a consultant psychologist for nursery schools and a study abroad psychological advisor. I also appeared on TV broadcasts regarding different psychological matters and taught various seminars for nonprofit organizations, middle schools and mental health agencies. During this time and afterwards I have participated in many clinical trainings, a list of which you can find below.

For my PhD, I shifted focus from an applied perspective to a more research orientation. Primarily, I worked with children who were diagnosed with OCD, ADHD and DMDD and analyzed their decision making with mathematical models. I also collaborated with the research group that sought to characterize the relationship between suicidality, belongingness and collectivistic or individualistic cultures. During my PhD, I was also a guest lecturer for Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia lectures.

Currently, I work as a psychological therapist in London, UK.

Here are some relevant peer reviewed publications of mine, for:

Decision making in children and adolescents suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, please click here.

Decision making in adults with Obsessive Compulsive features, please click here.

Effect of frustration in emotion recognition in children diagnosed with ADHD disruptive mood dysregulation disorder and healthy controls, please click here.

Selected Additional Trainings

Intensive Foundational Training in Teaching MBCT, Oxford University Mindfulness Center, UK April 2019
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, MBCT, Oxford University Mindfulness Center, UK, October 2018
ACT, Using values, self-care and self-compassion to improve long term health conditions, Dr. Kelly Wilson, London, UK
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dr. Steven Hayes, Dr. Kelly Wilson, Dr. Robyn Walser, Los Angeles, USA
CBT for Anxiety, Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, online
Dialectical Behavior Therapy part 1, Behavioral Tech, Istanbul, Turkey
Transactional Analysis, Transactional Analysis Association, Istanbul, Turkey
Neuropsychological Tests, Şükriye Akça Kalem, Istanbul, Turkey
Somatic Experiencing of Trauma, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, Dr. Diane Poole Heller, Istanbul, Turkey
WISC-R, Turkish Psychological Association, Istanbul, Turkey
EMDR part 1, EMDR Institute, Udi Oren, Istanbul, Turkey
EMDR, The Therapist’s Toolbox, Dr. Marilyn Luber, Istanbul, Turkey
EMDR with Children: Getting Started, Dr. Joan Lovett, Istanbul, Turkey
When there are no words: Processing Early Trauma and Neglect with EMDR, Katie O’Shea, Istanbul, Turkey
Trauma and Resilience, Dr. Ellen Pulleyblank Coffey, Istanbul, Turkey
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, LivingWorks, St Louis, USA
Bayesian Modeling for Cognitive Science, University of Amsterdam, Dr. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Dr. Michael D. Lee, Amsterdam, Netherlands