Sometimes we feel sad, mad, angry, empty. At times we know just the reasons for such feelings, and other times we have no idea. We feel stuck and frozen and even though we want to, we lack the energy and the motivation to move forward.  We hear the voices of those around us “come on just start this” they say, “you know some people have it worse”. We even hear our own voice say “oh get over yourself already” but regardless we fail to take action, and feel even worse.

Hi, I'm Ceyla

I am a psychological therapist currently residing in London, UK. I hold a doctorate degree in Cognitive Psychology, a masters degree in Social Work with an emphasis on Mental Health and a bachelors degree in Psychology.

I have lived in many different cities and countries, which albeit difficult, has pushed me to be flexible, to adapt to new cultures and to be accepting of “what is”.

I am here to hear your story with no judgements, and help you on your journey to feel better. Together we can take one step at a time. Into compassion, into purpose, into passion, health and acceptance.


Please feel free to look around my website to get to know more about me and how we can work together. Have questions or want to book an appointment? Please feel free to call or send me an email anytime. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!